What is Urogynecology ?

You must be thinking who is a urogynecologist? A physician who is specially trained in pelvic floor related problems in the females is called urogynecologist. Our specialist Dr. Varun Shah is an expert who understands the issues related to the pelvic organs and their supporting muscles and tissues. Pelvic floor disorders may feel uncomfortable or embarrassing, especially when they keep you from your favorite activities. Many women think these problems are a normal part of aging. But the right treatments can relieve symptoms or even cure pelvic floor disorders.

Pelvic floor disorders develop when the pelvic floor (muscles and connective tissues) don’t work as well as they should. Connective tissues include ligaments, membranes and other tissues that support pelvic organs. In women, the pelvic organs include the bladder, vagina, uterus, small intestine and rectum (lower part of the large intestine).

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Why choose us for Urogynecology ?

Women, especially older women and those who have given birth, are more likely to experience pelvic floor disorders. Our team understands the unique issues that women with these conditions face.

Our comprehensive program offers:

  • Highly specialized expertise in pelvic floor disorders: All of our doctors are urogynecologists with fellowship training and board certifications in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery. You receive care from specialists who aren’t OB-GYN generalists — they have years of focused experience treating women with all types of pelvic floor disorders. And our nurse practitioner has experience and training in nonsurgical care for women’s pelvic floor disorders.
  • Compassionate, personalized care: Our team understands how pelvic floor disorders can affect your daily life in many ways. In our thorough evaluation, we listen closely to you to understand what you’re experiencing. Then we create a treatment plan tailored to meet your needs. No matter how rare and complex the condition is, we can help.
  • Leading-edge research and clinical trials: Our Urogynecology program is one of a few research sites in the Pelvic Floor Disorders Network (PFDN). The PFDN is a research and clinical care network sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. Our urogynecologists are at the forefront of care through their participation in PFDN and other research. Through clinical trials, eligible patients have access to promising new diagnostic technologies, nonsurgical therapies and surgical techniques before they’re available to the public.

What are the symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction?

Read the following symptoms given below to enhance your knowledge about pelvic floor dysfunction:

  • Severe pelvic pain (groin, back, abdomen)
  • Pain during menstrual period
  • Sudden and frequent urge to urinate
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Burning sensation during urination
  • Vaginal burning
  • Constipation
  • Urinary incontinence

Urogynecology procedures

There is no reason for you to suffer from a pelvic or a bladder condition silently as well. Urogynecologists can diagnose and treat the disorders through minor lifestyle changes, surgery, or even medication. The urogynecology procedure also includes:

  • Burch procedure
  • Culdeplasty
  • Cystocele and rectocele repair
  • Marsupialization or excision of Bartholin’s Gland
  • Paravaginal repair
  • Posterior repair
  • Sacral colpopexy
  • Sacrospinous ligament fixation
  • Trans-obturator tape (TOT)
  • Tension-free vaginal tape
  • Colpcleisis

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