The decision to use a surrogate isn't one that's made easily or lightly. and that we want to form the journey as simple and cozy for you, through a bond of trust between you and your surrogate. There are variety of centres that provide surrogacy programmes, but few that match Inception it gives best experience, which is why we are considered one among the leading fertility and IVF centres in India. In the simplest of terms, Surrogacy are often described as gifting parenthood, wherein another woman volunteers to hold a baby to term for a few. Little miracles are born a day through the generosity of those amazing surrogate mothers.

Inception offers a 360° surrogacy programme, which covers the medical, legal and emotional aspects of this process. Our experts are available to not only guide you at every step, but also assist you and your surrogate celebrate the highlights of this momentous journey. We are registered with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), a legal requirement to supply surrogacy, but it's our expertise during this delicate undertaking that has made us a preferred centre for surrogacy services.

There are several legal aspects that has got to be met, also as emotional considerations, once you choose this feature to start out your family. To avail the services of a surrogate, aspiring parents must fulfil the rules set down by the ICMR 2010 Regulations and therefore the Ministry of Home Affairs, India.

In India, couples are allowed to choose surrogacy only medical conditions rule out conception through the other means, natural or assisted. this suggests that you simply must prove, conclusively, that you simply are unable to conceive for medical reasons. a number of these reasons are listed below:

Uterine conditions: removal, absence (MKRH), deformity (fibroids), etc.

Pelvic: Pelvic disease, endometriosis, etc.

Systemic: heart disease (cardiomyopathy), renal (transplants), epilepsy, diabetes, etc.

Fertility: Multiple failed IVF, Multiple Miscarriage.

At Inception, we’ve a radical surrogate screening process in situ to make sure to a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby at the top of it. By being comprehensive, we attempt to rule out any unpleasant surprises. Our check covers the following:

  • An entire background check of the surrogate and her family, including her educational background.
  • Medical tests and investigations like blood studies for infectious diseases, a cervical smear, hysteroscopy etc. to guage her health and capacity to hold your baby to term, also as a general checkup.
  • A psychological evaluation, which covers an intelligence test, mental and emotional well being, and her habits.
  • General checkup like routine nutritional requirement for a pregnancy.
  • Legal documentation and agreements needed for surrogacy.
  • Any woman who volunteers to be your surrogate must meet all our requisites within the parameters listed above.

At Inception, we also provide you with the support of registered surrogacy advocates, who practice surrogacy law in India and may guide you thru all the legal formalities. However, if you would like to settle on your own legal surrogacy advisor, you’ll do so.